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. 220 Anderson would not be held back. Ordering a charge, his horse ran away with him and he was seventy-five yards ahead of his

followers when he was killed. Next to him was William Smith, a veteran Guerrilla of four yea

young lieute
01. nant,

rs’ service. Five balls struck him, and three struck An

derson. Next to Smith was John Maupin, who was wounded twice, and next t

ck, as did
02. nts, adv

o Maupin, Cundill, who was also hit, and

next to Cundill, Asbury, who got four bullets through his clothes. Jo

Captain A
03. rgently

hn Holt, Jim Crow Chiles and Peyton Lo

ng had their horses killed. The three Hill brothers and Dick West and ten

a young a
04. e atta

others of Anderson’s old company

fought their way up to Anderson’s body and sought to bring it out. Tuck Hill was shot, so was

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We know what it takesto be the leader

his brother Woot and Dick West. Their wounds were severe, but not mortal. Once they succeeded in placing it upon a horse; the horse was killed and fell upon the corpse and held it to the ground. Still struggling heroically over

the body of his idolized commander, Hank Patterson fell dead, not a foot from the dead Guerrilla. Next, Simmons was killed, and then Anson Tolliver, and then Paul Debonhorst, and then Smith Jobson, and then Luckett, then John McIlvaine, and finally Jasper Moo

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. E. A

dy and William Tarkington. Nothing could live before the fire of the concealed infantry and the Spencer carbines of the cavalry. A single blanket might have co


vered the terrible heap of dead and wounded who fought to recover all that remained of that tiger of the jungle. John Pringle,221 the red-headed giant of

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